Guest Controller Approval

1.The PL Division is participating in the GCA programme according to R & R 5.1.7.

Any user who wants to control a FRA restricted position in the PL Division has to apply for an approval.

For an approval the following requirements apply:

1. The user shall be able to perform ATC duties in English language. Knowledge of the local language is not neccessary.

2. The user must have knowledge of the LOA of the position requested.

3. The user must have knowledge of the general procedures applied in the Division.

4. A theoretical and/or practical check may be performed.

5. The behavior of the user, especially in respect to other users, must be in accordance with IVAO and Division spirits.

6. The GCA will be shown in the user's profile. It is shown by division, however if Division HQ allows controlling only on certain FRA positions, the member has to adhere to such restrictions.

7. The GCA can be withdrawn at any time by Division HQ if the requirements are not met any more.

8. We will only issue GCAs for members with an ATC rating of "Aerodrome Controller" or higher..

9. [NEW] The user does not hold more than 2 GCAs in general.

To obtain a GCA please contact us via e-mail:

Contact PL-HQ