Get started in 5 minutes - Controller

1 Create an IVAO account

If you haven't done so already, you should now create an IVAO account. Make sure you read and understand all the instructions when signing up. Ensure that you select the Poland division as your division. It is also adviseable to add yourself to the division mailing list, so that you receive constant updates about the division from the staff. You can create your IVAO account here.

Note: There is a pseudo-IVAO site online at which will allow registrations, but the information it provides is false. Ensure you only use the form without any adds - your personal data could be jeapordised otherwise.

2 Download & install the software

To fly or control online, you'll need to install the following software:

IvAc is the Virtual ATC Client. This is your "radar" and will enable you to provide Air Traffic control services to pilots. Make sure you download the latest sector file(s) from the resources section. These will draw the map onto the radar screen.

IvAe gives an overview of the live network without having to connect. You can obtain information about flights in progress, ATC positions online, METAR's, events, scheduling, network statistics and much more.

3 Preparation

To control, you don't need to be an aviation expert. However, it is important that:

  • You have attempted to familiarise yourself with IvAc, the ATC client.
  • You have read the manual supplied with IvAc. This will prepare you for your first theory exam.
  • You have started to have a look at the various articles within the "Controllers" section of the website.

If you have any doubts about any of these points, it would be best to ask for advice before attempting to control. The Poland division has a reputation for its excellent training department, so make the most of it.

4 Guidelines

Ensure that you have read and understood the guidelines for controlling in the [ICAO] (as well as the main IVAO R&R).

5 Connect

Here are some tips you may find useful when it is time to make your first connection to the network:

  • It is best to observe another controller before opening a position yourself, to do this log on as [ICAO]_**_OBS with ** being your initials


Training info here...


The IVAO community is friendly, informative and laid back. Dont worry about making a fool of yourself - You won't. Everyone had to start somewhere. Be sure to sign up to our forum and launch yourself into the world that is IVAO.

See you online!